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Custom Interface As A Service (IaaS)


Need a 20+ Year Seasoned Senior Solutions Architect by The Project or by The Hour? For Amazon AWS, Citrix, Microsoft, VMware Or really any Tech that you have going on I am also a Windows 10 Migration Specialist among many many other things. My Resume is Here but I stopped updating it a bit ago


Bringing WordPress Website/High-end Graphic, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization & Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising Locally Based in the Hudson Valley of New York focused on the entrepreneur, small, medium & large business at affordable rates and Offering our Independent Enterprise Services to the World.


Need to do a Blitz Social Media Target Campaign to Drive Business to Your Door to your Untapped User Base? We can do that Targeted down to your Zip Code and starting from there. Driving Traffic to your Website at will!


Need Holiday Gift Boxes for your Friends & Family? Need Customized Med Kits? Need A Customized Box? Need to Build a Box for your Network?


Need to Organize your First Floor? Need a Laundry or Garbage Strategy? Need Cabinet Organization? Need Garbage/Recycle Trash Solution for your Household?


Need Color Coordinated Laundry Basket System that even a 2 Year Old with non-verbal communication can use?Need to gut your Pantry and Replace that with a Total Custom Solution?


Need Strategy to Streamline a Project that has Stalled and Motivate your Workforce?


Need a Construction Crew to Build A House? Or Build a Workshop In A Box in a Day?  We can do that too!


Need to do A Flash Move or Gut your house to a Dumpster? Got it!


And that’s just that Tip of the Iceberg! The Architect and his Family have a Solution for anything. We just need to Hear the Problem! We are pretty Crafty and Creative. I have been coming up with Creative Enterprise Solutions for a Very Long Time! Now I can do that for you 😉


Organizing, Customizing, Modernizing, Revolutionizing the Home & Business. To Streamline Everyday Workflows!


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At Box In A Box™ we are Innovating the Home & Business Workflow to break down the barriers of communication and frustration to take the modern-day life of the Internet World where our kids are growing up way too early and fast and simplifying our lives down to the very basics. Using High-End Technology to “Scrap” Things to the Basics. Taking the Original Whole, scrapping all those Particles, sorting those particles into categories, reorganizing them and putting them back as a New Whole. That is the very basic principle of Box Theory IO™


The original concept of The Box which became Box In A Box™ Solutions was a very simple concept. I have been running Online Businesses and working as Technology Consultant since 1992. My Networking is very complex, no matter where I go. I have Multiple Wired & Wireless Networks with their own Independent Power Supplies, that connect to Multiple Internal Networks and then Multiple Internet Providers.


I needed a Method to store all my Networking/Cabling in a Single Location, but then also Baby/Child Proof the Location, The Box and all the connection points (Outlets, Internet, Anything the kids like to Touch) to the wall.


From Here The Box Was Born!!


But what happened when building The Box, The kids got involved! They enjoyed it and saw how impenetrable The Solution was they became Completely Disinterested in the Cables, Cords & Outlets not only near The Box, but throughout The house. By creating a Solution to an Actual Problem we ended up changing an actual behavior in my own Children that actual Verbal Communication never Solved!


Which is just pretty Awesome!


If you want to find out more about what My Family and I are doing and how we can help. You can reach us  24/7/365 and we can change your Lives!

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