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Venturing Into The Science of Technology, Web Design, Online Marketing and Custom Interfaces with cutting edge Solutions

Venturing Into The Science of Technology, Web Design, Online Marketing and Custom Interfaces with cutting edge Solutions


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I am  Professional Problem Solver, Fixer, Mystery Solver and just Thinker. I need to hear the issue to come up with a solution. Interfaces are just the beginning of what we do…

We are also offering High-end WordPress Designed Sites, Social Media Marketing, Online Marketing, Adwords Campaign Management, Internet Strategy, Technology Consulting from The Architect with 20+ Years of Citrix, Microsoft, VMware & AWS Experience. I have been doing migrations of Windows 10 since before Citrix and VMware Supported it and I have an Entire Strategy and Process just for Customizing and Optimizing the Windows 10 Base Image alone for Performance!


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“Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”
 - Ferris Bueller

Hello World!

I got tired of sitting at my desk…

So I decided to do some cool stuff up here where I live in New York about an Hour and Twenty Minutes outside of New York City.

“Enterprise” used to stand for something that Meant something COOL! Like the Future! Technology Used To Be Cool Too! Still Is, if you leave the Red Tape behind!

I left that in Corporate America and started my own Corp-Cool-Stuff, my own way! I left the Datacenter and Visio on my laptop and started Scaling Up! I do not need walls to define my space. I started taking my Visio Designs and drawing on them with my iPad Pro and Procreate in WebEx’s and I just Broke The Walls! From there I started Building and Designing Real Infrastructure and Real Ideas! Mystery Solving Problems with Logical Thinking Outside and Inside The Box and Box Theory IO was Born!

Organizing, Customizing, Modernizing, Revolutionizing the Home & Business to Streamline the everyday Workflows to De-Stress Life and Break Down Everyday Living to Basic Communications!

What does that mean you ask? It’s a good question. It’s an interesting idea. The Box is anything inside your Home or Business that needs Order, Method, Strategy, Control, Planning, Organization, Basic Communication or just simply to be made Safe.

I went into the stores where I live, and I See AMAZING People in their jobs, Happy, making a living and Killing It in every shape and form!




Based on Cutting Edge Solutions created on endless possibilities, simply thought of with Out of The Box and In The Box Logical Thinking & Mystery Solving. We work with our Local Businesses, Family and Friends First, in the True Spirit of America and pulling together as a community to Help Each other First!

There is an entire Community of Local Services Here that are Unfindable by Conventional Means in the Internet World, till now 😉

As my Family and I bring our new business online we will be spreading the word on the Local Companies and Friends who came together to Help Our Family when we needed Hard Working Companies/People in our Community. There are some really great People and Companies here with Extreme IO, and some with NONE! When I say IO or IOPS I mean specifically “High Quality”! In the Technology World IO means “High Performance”.

I want to spread the word on Local IO for everyone that helped me and my family through Tough Times!  

I Architect from my Mind and Design Without Limitations. Details Last.

Senior Solutions Architect Jesse Boehm Invented Box In A Box Solutions – Box Theory IO – Boxology based on Technical Logical Mystery Solving.

We are a Team of Organizers, Designers, Customizers and Out of The Box Thinkers!

How can The Box Help? – Our Services

At Box In A Box™ we are Innovating the Home & Business Workflow to break down the barriers of communication and frustration to take the modern-day life of the Internet World where our kids are growing up way too early and fast and simplifying our lives down to the very basics. Using High-End Technology to “Scrap” Things to the Basics. Taking the Original Whole, scrapping all those Particles, sorting those particles into categories, reorganizing them and putting them back as a New Whole. That is the very basic principle of Box Theory IO™

The original concept of The Box which became Box In A Box™ Solutions was a very simple concept. I have been running Online Businesses and working as Technology Consultant since 1992. My Networking is very complex, no matter where I go. I have Multiple Wired & Wireless Networks with their own Independent Power Supplies, that connect to Multiple Internal Networks and then Multiple Internet Providers.

I needed a Method to store all my Networking/Cabling in a Single Location, but then also Baby/Child Proof the Location, The Box and all the connection points (Outlets, Internet, Anything the kids like to Touch) to the wall.

From Here The Box Was Born!!

But what happened when building The Box, The kids got involved! They enjoyed it and saw how impenetrable The Solution was they became Completely Disinterested in the Cables, Cords & Outlets not only near The Box, but throughout The house. By creating a Solution to an Actual Problem we ended up changing an actual behavior in my own Children that actual Verbal Communication never Solved!

Which is just pretty Awesome!

If you want to find out more about what My Family and I are doing and how we can help. You can reach us solutions@biabs.io  24/7/365 and we can change your Lives!

Box In A Box LTD © 2018 | solutions@biabs.io


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